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For centuries, researchers and users have known about the power of herbal substances – especially “Cannabis sativa” – for use in medicine, cosmetics and nutrition.

Scientific research is increasingly demonstrating what our ancestors knew instinctively and through centuries-old traditions: the active ingredients of the cannabis sativa plant, the so-called cannabinoids, show many positive effects when used for medical purposes, such as chronic pain and epilepsy. But ingredients of the cannabis sativa plant are also being used more and more in the field of cosmetics and food supplements.

Synbiotic SE pursues the goal of mapping the entire value chain of the cannabis sativa plant for the benefit of people: from basic research to the synthetic production of these substances to the development and approval of innovative medicines as well as over-the-counter wellness products based on cannabinoids.

In addition, we will gradually turn to other herbal ingredients and expand our portfolio step by step.


Key facts and numbers at a glance


The Problem

Psychoactive ingredients like cannabinoids, psilocybin and DMT have proven tremendous power in tackling serious health issues such as mental stress disorders, depression and traumata.
Yet, incoherent and imperfect ingredient levels pose a huge challenge in commercially scaling the production of these substances.


The Market

Growing prevalence of depression worldwide, failure of traditional antidepressants and loosened governmental regulations drive overall market growth for therapeutically applied psychoactive substances. The overall global market for psychoactive drugs will see positive growth rates , with established cannabinoids alone estimated to grow at a CAGR of 15.4% to USD 52.35B by 2025.


The Solution

The solution is a reliable and commercially scalable production of these ingredients. Using the latest technology in synthetic biology, our active ingredients are manufactured by reproducing genetically modified yeasts in complex fermentation processes. High-purity molecules full of new or proven properties are created as a product.


Our Approach

While other players already transfer genes of existing cannabinoides into yeast to scale up production, our portfolio companies take a different approach:
We modify the genome sequence in order to produce functionally superior cannabinoides that are not found in the plant itself, deliberately eradicating undesired properties such as insolubility or low bio-availability.


Our Progress

-SynBiotic announces new supervisory board members Sebastian Stietzel and Dr. Halima Jarrodi and Dr. Bent Reichard.


Our Future

We continue to pool exceptional scientists to further develop cutting-edge research and technology in order to produce functionally superior and commercially scaleable psychoactive substances. Focusing on established trends such as CBD, THC and other cannabinoids, while pushing for alternative psychoactive substances such psilocybin, ibogaine, voacangine, DMT and mitragynine and derivatives thereof.

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